DiceWare Password Generator!


The new application from our company allows you to generate memorable passwords using DiceWare method by a single click only.

Capabilities of the application:

  • Generate memorable passwords.
  • Store passwords in database
  • Keep notes to each password.
  • Support a lot of languages for generating passwords.
  • It’s a free application!

It’s available for Android.




A detailed description is on the page of the application DiceWare Password Generator


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Update Safex and PGPFiles for iOS

Today two crucial updates of Safex and PGPFiles applications have been tested at AppStore.


sf_prodThe update includes a lot of new and usefull things.
READ MORE Update Safex and PGPFiles for iOS

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Safex is safety organizer!

Safex is safety organizer!


We are glad to present to you a new development from our company that will help you turn your iphone into a safety database of your life.


Safex, the application is currently available on AppStore is developed to separate your private life from working moments. Application allows you to divide your contact list into two parts – a public and private. As an additional bonus the application can take photos and store them separately from the main database. The application has function to keep separate notes which will be available only to you.


In our opinion it is an easy and wonderful application for little money.


More Details


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Data Killer Preview

The new development of our company, which will allow destroying the data stored on the device (flash drive) by double-clicking a special button.
The device is an ordinary 32 Gb flash drive with the upgraded board and mounted special battery for the destruction of the device on it.

Principle of operation Data Killer simple as all genius! In using device the battery for destroy is constantly recharged and stores energy. In emergency double-clicking a button discharges energy to the chip than all data stored on the drive are completely destroyed!

I want to take note that after Data Killer destruction the database has been lost forever with a guarantee to recover them impossible.
The device is protected against accidental pressing a special button that will make you sure the data would be destroyed when you need it.

More details on the page of the device
You can make an order on the official website of the device!

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The Opening of the Studio

Our team are pleased to welcome you to the official website of the company SJ Software Development Group Limited!

On our website you can see our works which are already available at stores or are prepared to release currently.

We are pleased your visit our website and will be happy to answer any questions by phone:
• Cyprus, Nicosia: +3-572-203-029-6
• USA, New York: +1-646-760-567-7
• Russia, Moscow: +7-499-918-649-0

You can make an order for the development of software for any operating system on our site!
Thank you for attention.

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