Data Killer

Data Killer

It is the unique data storage device with inbuilt security system.

Data Killer looks like usual flash drive, but it is equipped with the special button which allows destroy all stored files in split second.

The Tasks

Providing a new level of confidentiality of data storage!

Keeping confidentiality of the information is a serious problem today. Our new product called Data Killer will help to solve this problem.

This 32GB device looks like ordinary flash drive, but it has an important function: double-click of the special button exempts the electric discharge which completely destroys all stored data – with a guarantee to recover them impossible.

This unique feature of Data Killer will be very useful for people, who has serious approach in ensuring the confidentiality of the data, and in some cases it may be the only way to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Brief Description of the Project:

  • 32GB Flash Drive.
  • The ability to destroy all the stored data in split second.
  • Integrated mini battery which is charged during usage the device.
  • The traditional design of flash drives. Strict and stylish.
  • High quality assembly and component parts.
  • High durability and the possibility of daily use.

The History of the Project

It is known that any important information has to be stored on data carriers without Internet access. However, there is a hazard probability that these devices themselves and their contents with them may be falling into the wrong hands.

After analyzing the market we saw that there is a certain shortage of proposals that could help solve this problem. Therefore, we decided to develop a new product, called Data Killer.

Working on the project took several months. During this time we picked up for this unique flash drive high-quality optimally suited component parts, tested the device and also in the mode of daily use.

Data Killer showed a very high level of reliability and durability as an ordinary USB flash drive and also in the case of instant destruction of the data. After that we launched the device into production and started to promote our new product on the market.


The Results

Customers got the opportunity to buy a new product for storage of files with the additional security level of confidentiality.

Data Killer:

  • The device is made of high-quality components.
  • It meets all the requirements for a traditional flash drive.
  • It allows you to save time with daily use.
  • Stylish traditional designed.
  • It is compact and mobile.
  • It is simple and reliable in use.
  • It allows destroy all the information in split second.