Diceware Password Generator

Diceware Password Generator

Generator of memorable, crytostrength passwords for iOS and Android

Diceware Password Generator is password generator that uses Diceware method for mobile devices with iOS and Android.
It is the application that helps you to generate complex crytostrength passwords anywhere and save them to the inbuilt database of your device.

The Tasks

The task was to implement a convenient and easy solution for generating complex passwords on mobile devices.
As Diceware, a great method of generating passwords had been remembered, so it was decided to create Diceware Password Generator for mobile devices.
The advantage of this method of generating passwords is that your generated passwords are memorable and can be applied anywhere.

The History of the Project

Development of the project began in late October 2015. We thought that we would realize and launch the application in a week maximum.
In a fact, the development of the application with its logic and interface took us three weeks at all. It is due to the fact that we could not design on our own a suitable interface and had to hire a professional.
Initially, the application has to be free and it will remain so forever.
It was decided to realize it for iOS and Android!


The Results

The application Diceware Password Generator can be absolutely free downloaded on AppStore and GooglePlay.
Diceware Password Generator helps you:

  • To generate passwords of different complexity
  • To edit password during its generation
  • To save your password in your password list
  • To add notes about each password that allows forever remember where you have used this password.
  • To generate an unlimited number of passwords.