Safety files encryptor!

Multiplatform application for encryption/decryption files using PGP.
With help of PGPFiles you can encrypt or decrypt any of your file in one click.

The Tasks

Encryption and decryption of the files.

There are very few such products on the software market, so we have decided to release our software that would encrypt files using PGP standard.

In this project we have applied all our skills to create a completely multiplatform solution, because we thought the release of the product only for mobile platforms was not enough.

Brief Description of the Project:

  • Generation of PGP keys.
  • Importing PGP keys in unlimited quantity.
  • Encryption of any files.
  • Decryption of the files that encrypted using PGP standard.
  • Sending files on popular sharing services (DropBox, Google Disk, OneDrive)
  • Complete multiplatform.

The History of the Project

We planned that the application would be developed fast, plain and qualitatively.

Development of the program for all operating systems took a little more than 2 months. Their releases can be found on the website of the project.

The biggest snag in this project was the creation of application for Windows 8+ and a separate program for the others of the Windows OS. Software stores give enough wide field of work to developers, but unfortunately they don’t present all possibilities of such complex product like PGPFiles is.

Separately for PGPFiles the system of activation program through our website and partner sites was developed, where the utility is successfully sold.


The Results

PGP Files has been successfully realized for iOS, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8+ Windows Phone.

  • Complete support for PGP encryption standard.
  • The application is complete multiplatform.
  • Support any file extensions .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.
  • Work with popular sharing services: DropBox, OneDrive, Google Disk, etc.

The project is constantly evolving and improved.

More details on the official website of PGPFiles.