Safe encoder of the messages!

Mobile multiplatform encoder of any text messages on your mobile device. You can encrypt just about any text message and send it the way conveniently for you: e-mail, SMS, Skype, Jabber, ICQ!

The Tasks

Encryption and decryption of the text and sending it in any way!

We decided to make this application in order to users (and we ourselves) could encrypt and decrypt the text on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android.

After analyzing this kind of software products that had already been available on the market of applications for mobile platforms, we didn’t find the solution that could be used in continuous operating and would suit us with its functionality.

To solve this problem we decided to create a new application for all platforms.

The History of the Project

Initially we planned that the application would be written within a month maximum and would include the following features:

  • Generate PGP keys.
  • Import PGP keys is available.
  • Automatic detect of encrypted text.
  • Decrypt of the text offline.

In practice the realization of this functionality took much longer because of the platforms differences for which the application was written.


The Results

The completed application for iOS, Android, Windows 8+, WinPhone which is able:

  • To create PGP keys in unlimited quantity.
  • To import as private so and public keys for encryption/decryption the text.
  • To encrypt and decrypt the text, using PGP encryption standard.
  • To send encrypted text e-mails.
  • To send PGP keys.

For sell-out the application has got not enough number of users yet, so it is early to speak about the profitability of the product!

More details on the official website of PGPTools.