Safety organizer for your iPhone!

Developed for iPhone app provides confidentiality of your contact list, photos, notes and user files.
Easy and usable application allows you to organize the private user database.

The Tasks

To implement the personal organizer for iOS mobile platform with the ability to have separate databases of contacts, photos, files and notes on one device.

After analyzing this kind of applications that are available on AppStore, we concluded that none of the found applications suit us as users on safety level.
Therefore, we decide to realize our application and present it at the AppStore.

We have made the decision that the application would be implemented for iOS because of the main market segment of such applications uses this operating system.

The History of the Project

We started working on the application in June, 2015. We expected it would be released to public access at the beginning of July, 2015.

The development of the application itself took less than three weeks, but later we were faced with a number of issues, that were resolved at an extra week that we had.

At the beginning of July, 2015, the application was added to the AppStore. Unfortunately, because of iOS upgrades to version 9, we had to spend the additional time to optimize the application for this update.

Brand new minimalist interface of the application.


The Results

The application SAFEX sold at the AppStore since the end of July, 2015.

  • Keeping the second contact list that is approachable to the phone user only.
  • Transfer of photos from iPhone gallery or creating a new one straight in the application.
  • Protect all your data in the Safex with the particular password.
  • Encrypt all the data and storage on iPhone in a place, which is inaccessible for other users.
  • Notes
  • Send files by e-mail straight from the application.
  • Synchronize with iCloud.

The functional is good enough for the one-dollar application, in our opinion!
More details on the official website of Safex.