Screen Saver

Screen Saver

The safety screen saver!

The functional of the utility is so plain far as important!

The Tasks

Program that locking the screen.

It was necessary to solve two tasks at one program.

  • Locking PC screen with tripping a standard set of keys to make bypass the security impossible.
  • Turning off your computer (laptop) with a given keys combination.

From the first we developed a program for Windows OS as a free bonus to our customers who had already bought SJ IM.

After the first release of the program we have added to it some innovations.

  • Settings of the time-out before locking are implemented.
  • Change picture – "Blue Screenof the Death" (BSOD) is added.
  • The number of allowed password attempts is changed.

The History of the Project

In 2012 we started to distribute this program together with our main product SJ IM Windows OS.

After introduction of this application for wide public we constantly began to get
e-mails about that it would be good to have the same program for MacOS.

In late 2012 it was decided to develop the same application for Mac OS and distribute this program absolutely free!


The Results

The result of the working on this project was the creation of a unique program that ensures the safety of your PC (laptop) both for Windows OS and MacOS.

It may be added that the program for Mac OS is popular among users.

You can read more about the program on the official website of the project.