The company SJ Software Development Group Limited provides a full range of services for the development of software for any platform, which currently exists in the market.

Our staff consists of programmers who can realize your project for any platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web-design, and so on.

iOS Development

The application for iPhone and iPad is not only attractive sphere in terms of commercialization of the finished product, but also a good way to build own image of company.
Our company offers:

  • Development of the statement of work
  • Development of the application
  • Development of the interface
  • Implementation of the application

This is full range of services that we can provide for the project from its beginning to the end (release to AppStore).

Android Development

Development of applications for Android mobile platform is the most popular of all that currently is on the market. This is due to a huge number of devices that run on Android.
The company SJ Software Development Group Limited has extensive experience in development for Android!
Our company offers:

  • Development of the statement of work for a variety of gadgets that run on Android
  • Development of the application including Wear
  • Design of the interface which will be well-looked on any device
  • Implementation of the application, release to Google Play

Windows Development

The most common operating system in the world at the moment is Windows. And it is not surprise that so much software is available for this OS every day.
Our company can provide a complete solution for you which will include:

  • Development of the application architecture
  • Realization the application for Windows XP, 7, and so on
  • Optimization the program for Windows 8, 10
  • Release of program to Windows Store

All produced our company software is signed our certificate to avoid problems in installing them on your computer.

And the most important thing!

The company SJ Software Development Group Limited may and is able to do so, that the application runs on any platform!
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