Safety XMPP client!

Multiplatform solution that automatic encrypts your correspondence in Jabber.
It supports PGP and OTR encryption standards. It runs on all platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android.

The Tasks

The biggest our project!

We met together in 2011 with purpose to work out the interesting problem that had come to a head for several years. The team of developers in number of 4 persons took the task to write XMPP client with inbuilt automatic PGP encryption system.

At that time it was a unique challenge, which had been realized fully in no one XMPP client.

Much water has flown under the bridge since that time and a lot of code has been rewritten, but all in all we succeeded and created our Jabber client with integrated PGP encryption system which runs on all platforms!

At the present time SJ IM is known to all users of XMPP protocol, who set the task to encrypt and decrypt messages using PGP standard of encryption at least once, without exaggeration.

The History of the Project

In 2010 we concluded that we needed a XMPP client that would run on OS Windows and would support PGP encryption standard.

Interesting facts:

  • XMPP is the most popular protocol of sending text messages in 2010.
  • XMPP is an Open Source protocol, which was developed by Google.
  • XMPP is a protocol, which is operated by many different Jabber clients.
  • XMPP is a protocol that is not tied to any server!

In plain English: XMPP is freedom!

That is why we decided to do ours bit to the development of this protocol!

Initially our client was called "Safety Jabber". This name was clear to all users and fully conveyed the essence of the project. Unfortunately, the title had to be changed to "SJ IM" because of the intellectual property of the company "Cisco".

SJ IM was launched under OS Windows in July 2011. Since then, we have developed clients, which run on the Mac OS, iOS, Android. Currently versions SJ IM for Windows 8+ and Linux OS are being prepared to release.

Despite the fact that SJ IM is considered as a commercial product, it is an unique project that has open source and you can find completely free version of the program on our website.


The Results

Our team considers that the SJ IM project is our offspring, and it persists in the form in which we had in mind!

Quick facts:

  • Complete multiplatform.
  • Automatic operate with the PGP standard.
  • Full supported of OTR encryption system.
  • Transform of XMPP client depending on the stylistic innovations.
  • Run on any platform.
  • Perfect worked on mobile devices.

And the most important thing!

The project is still alive and it is constantly improved. We time and again add new features, bug fixes, remake it according the new requirements.

SJ IM is the biggest our project that we can really be proud.