Update Safex and PGPFiles for iOS

Today two crucial updates of Safex and PGPFiles applications have been tested at AppStore.


sf_prodThe update includes a lot of new and usefull things.

• Fixed adding contacts to a separate Safex database.
• Added the function of uploading photos to DropBox.
• Now you can work with the files in the Safex application through DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive.
• Added “Save” button in the notes. You can save note without leaving edit mode!
• Eliminate a lot of small remarks that have been identified during testing applications!


pgp-filesThe total update of application!

  • Working with files is easy and simple.
  • Added new “Key Manager” that will help you comfortably and correctly use PGP keys.
  • Now the application works with all popular Cloud-services such as DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive.
  • The correct import of keys applied in this version of the application.
  • Ability to select a photo from the gallery is added.
  • Ability to take a picture straight from the app is added.
  • Plenty small improvements
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